Brad Pitt Totally Ruined Mike Tyson's Game

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When I was in Las Vegas last weekend, all the cab drivers and table dealers wanted to talk about when it came to shows was how excited everyone was for Mike Tyson to begin his highly-anticipated one man show, “Undisputed Truth – Live on Stage.” Of course I completely understood their excitement and I was somewhat depressed that it hadn’t started yet, because I can only imagine the hilarity that will come with Tyson telling old stories for an hour or two on stage.

With the show beginning this month on the seemingly appropriate Friday the 13th at the MGM Grand Hollywood Theatre, Tyson is making the late night rounds for some promotional obligations, and one of the best stops he could make was at Conan, because TBS’s desperation cable network status allows a little wiggle room for language and good taste.

Tyson didn’t disappoint with a story about how he was totally cock-blocked by Brad Pitt while the heavyweight champ was still trying to get with Robin Givens, even after their incredibly rocky and well-publicized divorce.

“I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle.” That’s well worth $117 for a ticket. Tyson’s going to be on Broadway in no time.

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