Brady Jardine’s Dunk Will Be Accepted As ‘On Time’

02.21.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Utah State’s Brady Jardine missed the slam dunk contest (probably because he’s still in college…derp) but he left a contribution of his own with this dish-and-dunk against St. Mary’s. Great call, too. –The Dagger.

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    Duke is back at the No. 1 spot in the AP poll. Now put down your coffee and get back to hating Duke.
    Eamonn Brennan/ESPN.

    If you needed a setup for the Indiana-Purdue game on Wednesday night, Jerod Morris has you covered.
    Midwest Sports Fans.

    Browns wideout called LeBron James his “boy.” You can guess how that went over in Cleveland.
    Waiting For Next Year.

    If you didn’t get your fill of White House sex scandals this Presidents Day, we can accommodate.

    One of my favorite reads: Vince’s “FilmDrunk Comments Of The Week.” Happy birthday, Vince. Remember, the party’s at 11:30 at mile marker 69.

    If you missed Gregg Doyel’s counterpoint on that female high school wrestler in Iowa, it’s worth your time.
    CBS Sports.

    Mascot tryouts are much more rigorous that you’d have any reason to expect.
    We Love DC.

    Business Cat is your new meme of the week. I guess he’s like Toonces, except that he takes public transit and hates his life.

    Here are SEVENTY missed dunks, spanning the history of the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition.
    The Hoops Doctors.

    I guess “The Chicago Code” is gonna be pretty good. Fresh…respected.
    THE Smoking Section.

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