05.16.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

Oh, man.  Really? 

Listen, I'm sure Brady Quinn is a nice person.  I remember having a major role in my sister's wedding; it was a beautiful ceremony, and I had a blast (she thankfully didn't marry an NFL linebacker who looks like an extra from The Hills Have Eyes).  So I hope AJ Hawk and Laura Hawk (nee Quinn) have a happy marriage, and that they always remember with fondness how her brother loved her enough to dress up as one of the Village People and dance like a fool at their reception.  Hell, I did the same thing.*

A very special thanks goes to the splendid Harcar Photography for putting prominent wedding photos on its webpage, and to The Big Lead, which found them first.

*Not really, I just want him to feel better about it. 

UPDATE: Photos removed at the request of not-very-splendid Harcar Photography's lawyers.

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