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In a turn of events that will shock no one, Brady Quinn will start for the Browns when they open their season against The City Of Minnesota, according to reports:

Anderson was asked if it would be difficult to keep the starting QB a secret until Sunday’s kickoff of the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

“No,” Anderson said, “because after this next two minutes are over I’m not going to be talking to you guys. It’s pretty easy. Obviously, the rest of us have to go about our regular preparations and continue to do what we always do and just not talk to our families.”

By “the rest of us” Anderson seemed to mean the Browns backups, a group it looks as if he belongs to once again. via.

The Browns were probably the only team in the league with a genuine controversy at quarterback. With the Lions and Jets both featuring lottery-pick rookie QBs and first-year head coaches, those situations were presumed to be in the bag. But really, head coach Eric Mangini’s choice at QB would be as signifcant as the shade of lipstick one would put on a pig. Some people have a thing for pigs. Don’t be offended. It’s just an expression, you big pig humper, you.

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