Brain Kelly Is A Pompous Ass, Part 538

I’m not big on the whole concept of sports hate. I’m an Ohio State alum that has a lot of respect for Michigan. I don’t think that hating an opposing player/fanbase/whatever comes off as anything other than thinly-veiled envy. It’s just weak and really sad. Having said all of that, I really, really hate Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly.

You’ll remember that Kelly bolted for South Bend while his team at Cincinnati was in the middle of an undefeated season, and then stood idly by when a member of his student staff was killed in a needless accident because Kelly had to have his precious video. And he just sticks his nose in the air at every turn, as if we dare ask about how one of his players might have raped a student. I do not care for him.

So imagine how wonderful it must have been for Kelly to return to Cincinnati to roast a local celebrity and then talk smack to all the poor losers that he left in his wake in 2010.

“I had a steak named after me at The Precinct [some stupid steakhouse –Ed.]. It was 12 ounces, and I thought that was fitting for someone who went 12-0,” Kelly joked to the crowd. “But I’m no longer on the menu… So Jeff and I cut a deal. He said, ‘Here’s what I’ll do for you. How about if I cut Butch Jones’ and Marvin’s steak down to 4 ounces, since they only won four games?’ ”

–Chip Patterson/Eye On Football.

Very funny, Chunk. You should type that joke up and hang it next to your Sun Bowl trophy. That’ll do wonders for recruiting. So would your wandering your fat ass into oncoming traffic, but I’ll take what I can get.