This Awful Brandi Chastain Bronze Plaque Is Getting Roasted By Twitter

05.22.18 11 months ago 6 Comments


Brandi Chastain is an American sports legend, forever etched into United States sports lore for her penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup. That moment, her striking the ball into the goal and then taking her jersey off in celebration, will always be one of the great moments in American soccer.

Her accomplishments on the pitch go far beyond that one moment she’s best known for, which is why she is being inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame this year. It’s a big honor for one of the women responsible for bringing women’s soccer to the forefront of the American sports fan’s consciousness, and she is more than deserving of it.

There’s just one problem. The plaque made for Chastain’s enshrinement doesn’t look like her. Like, not in a “I can kind of see it, bronze work is hard” way, but in a “who is that middle-aged man smiling creepily at me” way. Just, look for yourself at this atrocity of sculpting.

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