Saints Cornerback Brandon Browner Delivered A Perfect, Low Blow Tweet To Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe
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Brandon Browner is a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints. He is not having a particularly good season. That’s the nice way of saying that he’s quite bad at playing defensive back in the NFL. In November, Pro Football Focus rated him as the worst cornerback in the league with a 26.7 rating. Most of you don’t know what that means but trust me when I say that’s bad.

Here was their review.

Browner has a league-worst coverage grade of 27.3, thanks to 36 receptions allowed for 571 yards and a touchdown. Now those numbers don’t look terrible, but then you add on the 16 defensive penalties that he’s had, and his grade starts to make a lot more sense. Browner can’t seem to go one game without holding or interfering, and it’s the reason he is on this list.

On Sunday, Browner got torched by the Panthers (and Ted Ginn) on multiple occasions. It got so bad that CBS analyst and former TE Shannon Sharpe weighed-in on Twitter.

Browner didn’t take this “constructive” criticism lying down.


Now, it should be noted that Sharpe gets into a lot of spats on social media. Earlier this year he got into it with Garbage Time host Katie Nolan about some Greg Hardy stuff. So he’s no stranger to internet beefs.

The argument with Browner continued.

It’s almost impossible to take the side of Shannon Sharpe in any argument. He has proven time and time again to be quite shortsighted with his opinions. That being said, on this point, he’s right. The Saints need to part ways with Browner.