Brandon Jacobs Wants To Clean In Peace

01.04.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Although they went 10-6, the New York Giants narrowly missed a spot in the playoffs. Some could attribute it to the fact that they went 6-2 in their first eight games and then went 4-4 in the second half. Another reason could be that Eli Manning is turning into a little baby-Favre out there!

While running back Brandon Jacobs was cleaning out his locker, he took offense to some journalists taking pictures of it and decided to lash out. Hey Brandon, at least they’re trying to do their job well, unlike you.

From the NY Post:

Brandon Jacobs gave the media and fans one last view of his old, surly self while heading into the offseason yesterday.

After seeing photographers taking pictures of him cleaning out his locker, the Giants running back turned into the angry man that hadn’t been seen much since the start of the season.

“Click, click, click. You’re all taking pictures of Brandon Jacobs leaving, wondering if he’s ever going to return,” Jacobs snapped. “That will be your caption for tomorrow. Well, f- – – you all.”

“You’re all sheeple, just going around eating your sheeple grass and taking sheeple pictures! DON’T FOLLOW WHAT THE MAN TELLS YOU TO DO!!”

It’s surprising that this kind of behavior can come from such a normally level-headed guy. I’m sure he’ll calm down quickly and realize his emotional outburst was unnecessary. He’s usually so reserved.

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