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The petulance of Broncos wideout Brandon Marshall is reaching a fever pitch. And why not? After watching Jay Cutler whine his way out of Denver, Marshall figures, “Why can’t us?” So he threw a fit in practice on Wednesday, jogging through routes, punting a ball after a drill, and even refusing to catch passes, choosing instead to knock them down. But yesterday, after missing practice, Marshall owned up to his behavior. After blaming the media.

“Some of it is blown out of proportion,” Marshall said in an interview broadcast on ESPN Thursday night. “It was an error in judgement. There was some frustration, but some of it was blown out of proportion.”

“Me punting the ball away was definitely frustration,” he said. “But when I was walking, fixing my pants, that was blown out of proportion.” via.

I personally don’t think that Marshall will play anywhere but Denver in 2009. Those Manny Ramirez-type tactics don’t work in the NFL, where you show up and get pounded on for months on end and like it or else. I’m sure teams can’t wait to get into a bidding war for another crybaby wideout that once lost a fight with a flatscreen television. Leave it to Japanese technology to put a clown like that in his place.

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting that Marshall has now been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental blah blah.

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