Watch Brandon Marshall Jab His Former QB Jay Cutler With This ‘Huevos’ Line

Brandon Marshall joined the crew of ESPN’s First Take on Thursday morning to talk about his new team, the New York Jets. Stephen A. Smith tried to goad Marshall into a quote about quarterback Geno Smith, but Marshall played it cool, saying, “He’s our quarterback.”

But Marshall wasn’t so nice about his former Bears teammate, Jay Cutler. In a back-and-forth with Smith, Marshall described the “culture in the NFL” regarding quarterbacks.

Marshall: “There’s a culture in the NFL that we have to keep everything in house. And, for me, that’s what I did the last couple of years. And I know you (Stephen A. Smith) got on me all the time, Jay Cutler this, Jay Cutler that.”
Smith: “Was I right?”
Marshall: “Yeah, you were right.”
Marshall: “When we’re going on 10 years, nine/10 years in the league, it’s time to get it. And I felt I was the only one in the organization that had the huevos to hold him accountable. And I didn’t go the way I wanted it to go.”

Things got ugly last year between Cutler and Marshall after a Week 7 loss to the Dolphins. Several reporters were outside the locker room following the game and heard Marshall berating teammates, one of whom was reportedly Jay Cutler.

As for their relationship now? Marshall added that the two still “haven’t talked” and that he was “sad” about the whole thing. Guessing these recent comments won’t help in that regard.