Denver Linebacker Brandon Marshall Is The Latest Athlete To Kneel For The National Anthem

Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall became the first NFL player of the regular season to take a knee for the national anthem. The sight is sure to be repeated throughout the rest of the opening NFL weekend as football players show their support for Colin Kaepernick. The Broncos’ linebacker was a college teammate of Kapernick’s at Nevada, and as he’s not necessarily a household name (certainly not on par with the OTHER Brandon Marshall) the move might have seemed risky career-wise, but as Michele Tafoya reported, the Broncos organization says it respects players’ right to make a personal decision.

The good news for Marshall is that he’s likely to not be the only one kneeling before their games this weekend. With word that the entire Seattle Seahawks roster might be taking a knee together, in fact, the odds are pretty good that by the end of this weekend everyone will have completely forgotten Marshall even did it first.

It’s safe to say by now that Colin Kaepernick has certainly started a movement. What remains to be seen is how long it lasts and, more importantly, what else players do to support the fight against inequality. Kaepernick has stepped up by offering to donate one million dollars to community causes and the 49ers have agreed to do the same. Will Brandon Marshall be willing to chip in as well?

(via BroBible)