Brandon McCarthy Is My Favorite Player

04.27.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

And some dudes dig it too, don't hate.

He should be your favorite player, too. Two reasons:

1. He knows what The Dugout is and agrees with me about Brian Wilson.

2. He isn’t afraid to call out Kiss Cam homophobia:

After a game in Anaheim, the pitcher tweeted: “They put two guys on the ‘Kiss Cam’ tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend.”

McCarthy considers it incongruous for MLB teams to sponsor “It Gets Better” antihate campaigns and not banish this brand of humor.

“The whole thing bugs me on a non-homophobic level, because it’s awkward,” he said. “… I just hate it.”

“If there are gay people who are coming to a game and seeing something like that, you can’t assume they’re comfortable with it,” he said. “If you’re even making a small group of people … feel like outcasts, then you’re going against what makes your model successful.”

How awesome is that? That’s the kind of positive human rights stance we need more of from our celebrities — less Lady Gaga-esque “GOD BLESS THE GAYS” pander-rousing from behind a podium and more sane, observant people going, “hey, it’s stupid to treat people like this, let’s stop doing that”. And if we could get rid of the Kiss Cam completely, that’d be a bonus.

Brandon McCarthy, you are awesome no matter how long it takes Oakland to provide some run support and help you stop losing games.

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