Brandon Roy Is Sorry For Something

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08.19.10 2 Comments

Portland Trailblazers star Brandon Roy has issued an apology for his appearance in a new rap video from “artists” Cali and Cavalli for their hit(?) “What They Want.” As you can see below, the video deals with some criminal elements and less than desirable behavior. I’m talking about wearing clothing that endorses Spain. This is America, Cali and Cavalli. Love it or leave it.

Regardless, Roy has apparently recognized that it’s not a good practice to openly associate with stuff like drug use and criminal behavior, even if it is just in a fictional artistic medium. Jamal Crawford also appears in the video, but he hasn’t issued an apology. Probably because there’s nothing to apologize for. Well, unless you’re Tipper Gore. *high fives 1980s political satire*

SLAM! Duuh duuh duuh, let the boys be boys, Fanhouse:

“The basic concept of Cali and Cavalli’s ‘What They Want’ is a rags to riches tale of upward mobility — a standard format that many have seen utilized in recent music videos. It depicts two small-time hustlers ascension from the inner city, where the perils of drug use and fast money are more than evident, to the metaphorical use of basketball and Cali and Cavalli’s association with two of Seattle and the NBA’s biggest success stories as their own personal barometer of achievement.

“To officially clear the air Brandon Roy and Jamal Crawford weren’t involved in anyway shape or form with the production, concept, or content of the video and neither were present for anymore than a few minutes of the filming and for the most part were bystanders.”

That was the music video director’s explanation of Roy’s and Crawford’s involvement in “What They Want” and it’s pretty much cut and dry. I mean, I can’t even count on two hands how many times I’ll be walking down the street, minding my own business and – BAM! – I’m in the middle of a Ma$e video. Wait, who is the big rapper these days, the one that all the kids like? Is it Craig Mack? That guy had some dope beats.

I think the most shocking aspect of this story is that NBA players are associating themselves with rappers. David Stern needs to step in and do something before this escalates. I mean, next thing we know, NBA players will be recording their own rap albums. Can you even imagine?

Here’s the video for “What They Want”:

And here’s Roy’s apology, via Fanhouse:

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