This Cornerback’s Pre-40-Yard Dash Routine Is Some Wonderful Performance Art

The NFL combine ends Monday and Texas A&M cornerback Brandon Williams made sure to save the best combine drills for last. It’s not that Williams had the best measurables or fastest time in the 40-yard dash, though he had one of the better times with a 4.38; rather, it was Williams’ pre-40-yard dash routine that stole the show.

Before getting into starting position, Williams spent about 30 seconds getting ready. First, he ran his hands through his hair. Then, he apparently centered himself by lining up a path with his hands. Then, he got his balance in check by spreading his arms out tightroping style. Then, he gave props to God, because through Him, all things are possible. Then, he did a semi pushup.

Then, and only then, did he run his 40-yard dash. (We promise this happened.)

Just as good as the actual pre-run motions was Deion Sanders, who was giving a play-by-play of everything Williams did.

The combine has been eventful this year, especially in the 40-yard dash. There’s been a wardrobe malfunction and Iowa’s kicker — a kicker! — ran a faster 40 time than 10 wide receivers in a new record for the most Iowa football thing of all time.

However, Williams’ pre-run antics might take the cake. All we’re saying is if Sanders thinks you’re going to far, maybe you’re going a bit too far.