Braveheart MMA Is Weird And Exactly What It Sounds Like

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07.26.13 5 Comments

Crazy assholes have been trying to organize sports around team MMA for a while now — see also ‘Beercup,’ the MMA/soccer hybrid — but no attempt has been as gloriously perfect and off-center as BRAVEHEART MMA.

Seriously, what do you think of when I say “Braveheart MMA?” A bunch of weird white guys getting together in a field to yell shit like FREEDOMMMMM, charge each other and start punching, right? This is that. It barely even needs explanation. Imagine a Civil War reenactment featuring only people who’ve never read a book.

Here’s the clip, if you need proof that this exists.

Alternate plan: instead of having shirts vs. skins, have skins vs. skins and everybody just have sex with everybody. It’s going in that direction anyway.

If that doesn’t work, team MMA really does lend itself to a lot of Mel Gibson film enhancements. What about Maverick MMA, where everybody dresses like cowboys and punches each other? Or maybe Passion of the Christ MMA, where foreign fighters (without subtitles) beat each other bloody for three hours. The Beaver MMA sorta speaks for itself.

[h/t to Middle Easy]

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