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Atlanta Brave's relief pitcher Wilfredo Ledezma went home to Venezuela for the All-Star break, and he's still there:

In what General Manager John Schuerholz described as a "washing incident," Ledezma apparently left his passport in his pants pocket and tossed it in the washing machine, detaching and damaging his visa.

Mr. Schuerholz has coined my favorite new term.  I'm going to start using this phrase at job interviews all the time.  Prospective employer: "It says here, you've been convicted of resisting arrest and striking a police officer?"  Me: "Yeah, that's really nothing.  Some over eager cops tried to roust me out of a laundromat I was living in for a while because I had some trouble with my landlord.  They said I was squatting, but it was nothing more than a 'washing incident'."  Prospective employer: "That sounds pretty serious.  I don't think you're right for the Taco Bell family."  Me: "Go wash yourself!" -KD 

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