NYPD And NYFD Hockey Players Brawled In The Name Of Charity Yesterday

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04.07.14 5 Comments


Nothing says good, old-fashioned fun in the name of charitable donation quite like a benches-clearing hockey brawl, and the New York Police and Fire Departments were not going to leave us disappointed during yesterday’s big game. The NYPD snapped the NYFD’s five-year winning streak with an 8-5 victory in the game, but nobody’s going to remember that except for the players and fans in attendance, when they’re asked things like, “So what was it like watching the city’s finest and bravest kick each other’s teeth in while their families and children watched?”

With the score tied in the second period, the tension between the two teams, fueled by several fights earlier in the game, finally boiled over, leading to both benches clearing, a huge fight and a 25-minute delay that made the game’s referees probably ask, “What the hell is wrong with these guys?” over and over. But quietly, you know, because if the cops or firefighters heard them, they’d probably try to kick their asses, too.

(Video via Fire Rescue 1)

UPDATE: Hypervocal found these close-up videos recorded by fans to help really drive home the charity angle.

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