A Six-Year-Old With Cancer Became The Panthers Coach For A Day, And Danced In Front Of 55,000 Fans

Six-year-old Braylon Beam has become a bit of an internet sensation over the last few months. Beam has been battling cancer since February, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting down.

Back in April, a video surfaced of Beam dancing to “Rapper’s Delight” (with his Dad in a bunny suit, of course) which help inspire the “JustKeepDancing” campaign. One of Beam’s dreams was to be the head coach of his favorite NFL team the Carolina Panthers, so the Panthers responded by signing him to a one-day contract back in June to be their honorary coach at Fan Fest.

On Friday, the day finally came and the six-year-old Beam, who is battling a brain tumor, did not miss his opportunity to bust out some of his signature moves. Only this time, it was in front of the entire Carolina Panthers team and 55,000 fans at Bank of America Stadium.

Braylon schooled the Panthers by doing his version of the “Whip and “Nae Nae”, and even closed out with Cam Newton’s signature superman celebration, followed by a bow to the crowd. What a showman.

(Via: ESPN)