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Less than a week after punching out on of LeBron James’ “kids,” Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards was literally kicked out of Cleveland. And I thought all those references to LeBron “owning the town” were just figurative. Braylon was sent to the Jets for wide receiver Chansi Stuckey, linebacker Jason Trusnik, and two draft picks, reportedly a 3rd- and a 5th-round pick.

The trade comes just two days after a Cleveland man accused Edwards of assault outside a nightclub in the city. The man is a friend of Cavs star LeBron James, who said Edwards’ alleged assault was motivated by “jealousy.”

This is the second major trade between the Browns and Jets since Mangini joined Cleveland after being dismissed by the Jets in January. The Jets acquired the fifth overall pick from the Browns in April, and then selected Sanchez with the choice. via.

Yeah, what the hell is up with the big trades? Is Mangini raiding the Browns? We’ll know in three months, depending on whether or not the entire Jets locker room ends up with a staph infection. also.

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