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Brazilian stars Robinho (left) and Ronaldinho (whinny, stamp hoof) went wild with booze and sluts after their national team defeated Ecuador 5-0 last week, leading to both players' clubs (Real Madrid and Barca, respectively) to drop them from the roster for their next match.

O Globo says the party took place in Catwalk, one of the most luxurious discos in the city and whose owner, the Iranian Jafar Hajbrahim, was arrested less than a year ago over drug trafficking. At one point Robinho – who had been seen dancing with a voluptuous blonde – asked a security guard “for 40 condoms,” the report said, adding that the Real Madrid player left the disco at 5am. […]

Looks like Robinho was trying to be a little more like Rob-in-ho!!!  Yeah!  High-five!

O Globo spoke of Ronaldinho as another player particularly “active” at the party. The daily says he was the last footballer to leave the disco – at 11am, hidden in the boot of a car to avoid being photographed. Ronaldinho is currently going through a most delicate patch in his career, amid rumours of his active nightlife in Barcelona… and criticism of the player’s poor performance on the pitch is equally loud.

Poor Ronaldinho.  It may be time to put him out to pasture.  Perhaps Robinho can teach him to stud. I guess his racing days are– God, somebody stop me.  These horse jokes are terrible.


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