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If you thought foxy boxing, Jell-O wrestling, and bikini bullriding were nasty, tough sports, allow me to introduce you to the world of Brazilian women's handball:

Brazilian women handball players threw punches and pulled each others' hair in a brawl that forced a national championship semifinal to be abandoned. Television pictures showed lumps of hair on the court after the match between Metodista and Guarulhos.

[The second of two brawls] erupted in the last minute when a Guarulhos player pulled an opponent's hair, pushed her in the back and then slapped her in the face. The other player replied with a punch in the face, initiating another brawl which involved players, substitutes and officials, who traded kicks and punches.

This is one of the few times I'm glad I don't have photos from a sporting event. There is no way in hell that this scene was half as sexy as it is in my head — I'm pretty sure they don't wear lipstick and clear platform heels in women's handball. Although it is Brazil, and those people are the masters of sexy, so who knows.

(Thanks to Sports Frog for finding the story. Photos of the Handebol League are available here… although this one is the only one worth looking at.) 

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