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Horrible economy aside, the Yankees and Mets deserve a lot of grief for how they’ve financed their new stadiums [stadia?] that opened earlier this year. Those teams asked season ticket holders to help shoulder the costs for their new respective digs, and…you’re not gonna believe this, but those fans aren’t as jazzed about baseball as the teams thought they would be. From the New York Times:

The teams have been recalibrating their prices. The Yankees cut in half the price of their seats behind home plate, some of which originally cost $2,650. The Mets have discounted box seats by as much as 50 percent, even against rivals like the St. Louis Cardinals.

Even the market for Mets-Yankees games, once the hottest ticket in town, has cooled. For the game at Citi Field on Friday, the average price of a ticket offered for resale online has fallen by more than one-third in the past month, to $165, according to, which tracks ticket prices in the secondary market.

The worst of it all is there are tons of great seats with nobody in them for a lot of these games. It’s the same thing at the Nationals’ park and others around the league, I’m sure. I guess everyone assuming that corporate money was always going to be there wasn’t such a wise move. And I just assumed that rich people would be rich forever and would always want overpriced tickets for baseball games. What a sobering lesson this has been. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to help my favorite prostitute replace the mirror installations on her bedroom ceiling.

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