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Sixers legend Nuggets guard Pistons role-player Memphis Grizzlies benchwarmer Allen Iverson doesn’t like warming the bench so much, especially since the team has already put together a terrific three-game losing streak. Who would have thought Iverson to be so outspoken?

“The focus is on it because everybody in this whole world knows that I have a problem with it,” Iverson said. “That’s why it’s an issue. It’s easy to say I’m selfish. My response to that is it’s something I’ve never done. And if we had success with us doing it than obviously I’d want to do it because we are winning basketball games. But if we had no success when we do it, than obviously I would have a bigger problem from the beginning.

“This media thing is so big. Coach played the game before. He’s seen the things that I’ve done. He knows that I’ve never come off the bench ever in my whole career. So he knows that’s something I’m not accustomed to or something I would want to do. He listens to talk radio and TV, what people say, family members, friends – everybody knows that it’s not something I want to do.” –via Marc Spears.

Iverson’s averaging 22 minutes and 14 points per game–not terrible, but that’s about only half of his lofty career marks. But really, why not let the guy start? The Grizz can’t really get any worse. At least add some appeal to your gate and let your fans watch somebody well-known. That’s good business practice. And we talkin’ ’bout practice.

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