Breaking News: Snowman Bored By Colorado Rockies

Because it’s cold outside, get it? The description of this clip is adorable:

A Rockies fan takes in the first game of the Mets-Rockies doubleheader with a snowman friend

Here’s the clip, followed by the best idea I’ve ever had (ever).

Okay, so, it’s technically two ideas.

1. This is a great option for baseball teams struggling with attendance. Hey Miami Marlins, you can close your roof, right? Do that, crank up the AC and have somebody pump snow into your seats. The 11 people who paid to get in can create 15,000 friends, and you can dress the new snow peoples in unsold Jose Reyes jerseys. Win-win.

2. If you don’t have a snow option, simulated fans can still be a great idea. Remember when Tupac was suddenly a hologram? Why not go full Hollywood baseball movie with it and hologram in a bunch of fans? It couldn’t be that hard. Just put sensors in the seats so they make a fat, yelling guy or a non-stop cheering beautiful teen when someone’s not actually sitting there? I know you have money. Not attendance money, but you get it from SOMEWHERE.

Unpolished third option: pretend you’re Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes and just recreate the entire game with snow people. It’s the Rockies. Nobody’s gonna notice.

[h/t to OTB]