Breaking: The NFL Loves Money. A Lot.

07.26.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

The NFL has been the big money professional sports league for some time now, but that won’t stop them from taking every opportunity to stack that cheese. will be getting into the action later this summer, streaming live preseason games online for those willing to waste 40 dollars.

NFL spokesman Dennis Johnson tells Michael Hiestand of USA Today that the league will show preseason games live online for the first time this year, with games available to anyone who pays $40 for a subscription.

Of the 65 games on the NFL preseason schedule, 54 of them will be available via live stream. The only 11 that aren’t available are the ones that will air nationally on NBC, CBS, Fox or ESPN. –PFT

I consider myself a football fan, but there’s no way I could ever watch all the nationally televised games, let alone pay to watch games online. Preseason is just unbearable after the first quarter. Charlie Batch can only throw so many wounded ducks before I start pounding my head against a wall. That being said, there’s no way the NFL will come out of this deal losing money. It’s pretty common knowledge that their accountants are wizards. Video after the jump is potentially NSFW.

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