11.20.06 11 years ago 3 Comments

Uh, so remember how Mike Tyson was going to sell his services at Heidi Fleiss's stud farm? I was prepared to make all sorts of jokes about nibbling on ears (just a little love bite) and how much he was going to charge to fulfill a woman's rape fantasy. Alas, friends, it may be untrue:

Heidi Fleiss' publicist is irate over an Internet report that claims Mike Tyson was going to work as a prostitute at her Pahrump brothel. Charles Lago said the report is a ridiculous hoax.

Well, this just blows my mind. Not everything on the Internet is true? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anway, sorry ladies. If you want sex with Mike Tyson — and who doesn't? — you'll have to put away the cash and do it the old way: by rubbing your vagina with a raw T-bone steak and hoping he catches the scent. 

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