Here’s Rex Ryan Taking A Verbal Jab At Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema

rex ryan bret bielema
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When you’re the head coach of a major college football team and you complain about another school’s weak schedule, then go get beat by Toledo that same week, you’ll be hearing about it for a while. That’s the world in which Arkansas coach Bret Bielema is living after he talked smack about Ohio State’s easy schedule (it is still very easy, by the by) and then got pantsed.

Now even people from the NFL are getting in on the kicking-Bret-while-he’s-down game. Rex Ryan may be with a new team this year, but he’s still in the same division as the New England Patriots, a team that he doesn’t much care for. In the same breath as mentioning how tired he is of facing those damned Patriots, Ryan got in a shot at Bielema:

The delivery would have hit harder if Ryan had remembered the coach’s name, but that’s picking nits. Making fun of Bielema’s hubris is fun, and Rex has a lot of fun. Good joke, Rex. And he does make a good point — any team he wanted to call out as preferable to the Patriots (the Browns, clearly) would surely use his slight as bulletin board material. Still, he could have said the Browns and been pretty safe.

(Via CBS Sports)