Bret Hart Was On The Ravens’ Sideline Sunday And Said Ray Lewis Could Have Been A Pro-Wrestler

Did you have Bret “The Hitman” Hart figured as an Edgar Allan Poe fan? How about a Baltimore Ravens fan? Well, the former explains the latter, and the latter explains why the Excellence of Execution was on the sidelines of the Baltimore Ravens’ game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (which, uh, didn’t go very well for Hart’s favorite team), taking a picture with injured Raven Steve Smith.

We feel like of any Raven in the franchise’s history, Steve Smith would have the most appreciation for Hart’s signature brash style. In the week leading up to the game, Hart also visited a Ravens practice, and stopped by for a brief interview with the team’s video department. Because these are the Ravens, Ray Lewis was brought up, and Hart was asked how Lewis might have fared in the WWE. “He had a lot of wrestler in him,” Hart said. “He had a lot of emotion, he had a lot of charisma and he had a lot of drive. It all goes to together to make the same thing, it makes greatness.”

We couldn’t agree more that Lewis would have been a hit as a wrestler, if only because he’s already got a hell of a walk-up, and some of the buggiest eyes this side of Vince McMahon. His shocked reaction at countless inevitable turns would have been (and still could be, Ray!) priceless.