Bret Saberhagen’s Terrible ’80s Rap Commercial Goes To The Next Level In This ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch

The Kansas City Royals tore the Mets a new one in game two of the World Series, so it’s a fitting celebration for the team to have their Hall of Fame pitcher Bret Saberhagen back in the headlines. This is thanks to the unearthing of a classic Ford commercial featuring the former Royal showcasing his terrible rap skills back in 1986. You’ve likely seen the commercial by now, but don’t worry if you haven’t. Jimmy Fallon has got you covered.

The commercial gets a prime spot at the top of the show and then the audience gets a treat when ’80s Bret Saberhagen shuffles into the studio and gives his best performance, meaning his worst performance. Not only does he repeat phrases and offer no concrete favoritism between the Mets and Royals (since he played for both), his Saberhagen shuffle is just him bouncing while walking. You’d never see George Brett doing that.

That brings up a fine point: Why didn’t George Brett ever parlay his memorable pine-tar incident into commercial fame? He could have launched out of the dugout, furious for deals at the local K-Mart or hopping mad for a new Chevy. It’s a missed opportunity.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)