Watch Brett Favre’s Funny, Emotion-Filled Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech

Brett Favre owns the record for the most pass completions, pass attempts, starts by a player and most wins as starting quarterback. He was a lock for the NFL Hall of Fame a decade before he finally retired. Now, he finally has his gold jacket. Of course, it was an emotional rollercoaster much like his playing career that probably lasted a bit too long, but we all enjoyed the ride anyways.

Favre’s acceptance speech lasted well over thirty minutes when most speeches are locked down at 10-15 minutes in length, so we got the whole story. Favre started with his beginning: “I knew it would be football, baseball or bust.”

Then he shifted to his career and to his family, and his late father, whom we all know passed away before Favre’s unforgettable Monday Night game in 2003.

“Raiders fans can be nasty, but that night, the tremendous amount of respect shown to me and my family by Oakland Raiders fans was spectacular.

That night, I wanted to make sure I would make it to the Hall of Fame so I could acknowledge how important he was in my career and my life. He was a tremendous part of my life.

This is way tougher than any third-and-15. I would not be here today without my father.”

Favre’s entire acceptance speech is well worth watching. The indestructible man who lasted almost 20 years in the NFL would look gray and grizzled after decades of suiting up, but still showed the emotion that propelled his career through the highs and the lows. This is a final highlight and a great cap to his career.

brett favre
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(Via Sporting News)