Brett Favre Saga Moves From Press Room To Courtroom In Sexual Harassment Suit

01.04.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Get it? It's a cockfight.

NFL future Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is getting sued, but not by the former New York Jets employee that you’re expecting. Two massage therapists that used to work for the NFL club have filed suit against Favre, the Jets and a former club employee, and the money quote has to do with Favre essentially propositioning Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole for a threesome.

“Brett here. You and Crissy want to get together? I’m all alone,” the suit says Favre wrote. “Kinda of lonely tonight. I guess I have bad intentions,”

The third therapist, who did not join the suit, showed Scavo the message, which she brought to the attention of her husband, Joseph. The suit says Joseph Scavo contacted Favre and asked him to apologize and stop behaving inappropriately.

Favre “refused,” and “responded in an inappropriate manner,” the suit said.

–NY Daily News.

Awesome. I don’t care whether Favre plays or doesn’t play in 2011 (spoiler alert: he won’t), but I could talk about sexual harassment for days. And really, you have to be a total ass for a massage therapist to sue you, let alone two massage therapists. These are people that grab your ass for a living. My uncle tried to do that once, but then he wound up and jail, and was forbidden from coaching girls’ soccer ever again.

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