Brett Favre’s Sister Busted In Meth Lab Sting

01.13.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

UPDATE: Actual mug shot photo of Brandi Favre after the jump. She’s quite the looker… Thanks, Matt.

Alright, I couldn’t find a picture of Brett Favre’s sister, so pretend that the above picture is her.

Brett Favre’s stayed out of the news for a little over a week, but apparently whenever one Favre leaves the news cycle, another one enters.

Favre’s sister, the similarly named Brandi Favre, was one of five people arrested at a meth lab in Mississippi yesterday. Go get ’em, you ol’ methslinger! I’m sure big brother Favre will be really proud that this is happening right as he exits the NFL on an already undignified and anticlimactic note!

The younger sister of football great Brett Favre was among those arrested at the site of a meth lab in Diamondhead Wednesday.

Hancock County narcotics agents uncovered the active meth lab at a condo complex off Golf Club Drive. Seven of the units were evacuated.

Investigators said they spotted a drug buy in progress at a gas station at the front of Diamondhead. Those suspects then led deputies back to the meth lab location. -WLOX.

If she’s anything like her older brother, I bet Brandi’s been in this meth game for ages now. She keeps saying she wants to retire from it, but it keeps on bringing her back for more! Brandi’s not in it for the money; she’s involved in meth because she loves the rush of it, the energy that surges through her when she’s cooking up another batch, coming in the clutch for her junkies. She’s just a drug-addled kid out there!

Well, since you were nice enough to click the “keep reading” link on this post, I thought I’d not only reward you with some Favre jokes, but also a trip in my time machine that can only go to the 1990s. Ready? Let’s goooooooooooooo

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