Brett Lawrie Is Following Some Very Interesting Accounts On Twitter

Welcome to a brand new game that I like to call “April Fool’s Day Joke or Guy Who Just Loves Ass?” and this inaugural edition stars Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie. Some wonderful Twitter snoops revealed that a quick peak at Lawrie’s (pronounced Lowwwww-ree, like in Bad Boys) Twitter account shows that he recently followed some interesting new accounts with names so wonderful that one of them has had me cracking up for at least the last 15 minutes.

So let’s take a look at those new follows and try to determine whether or not Lawrie was the victim of a prank or if he really loves the bootay.

You know, I’m going out on a limb and will say that Lowrie is just a dude who really loves to check out the Ass Bible while trying on a new pair of shoes. Also, new fantasy baseball team name? Brett Lawrie’s Ass Bible.

(H/T to @Lahlahlindsey)