The Brewers Got Hosed By One Of The Worst Umpiring Decisions You’ll Ever See

It has not been a banner season for MLB umpires, as there have been a few truly awful decisions that have had significant consequences on game outcomes. None have been bigger than when the Mets got a walkoff win on a hit-by-pitch where Michael Conforto leaned into the strike zone to get plunked with the bases loaded against the Marlins and the umpire bit on it — even though he was in mid strike call before changing course. The umpire apologized after and said he made the wrong call, but that didn’t change the fact that Miami had lost the game.

On Wednesday, it was the Marlins turn to get gifted some help from the boys in blue, as one of the most inexplicable decisions you will ever see resulted in a runner being safe at first, helping to extend the inning to let Miami score another run in Milwaukee. With runners on first and third and one out, Isan Diaz rolled one over down the first base line as Brewers pitcher Zack Godley fielded it and lobbed it to first for the second out, with the runner from third scoring. However, the first base umpire ran in and emphatically called Diaz safe, claiming Godley interfered with him in the basepaths despite never touching the dirt in a sequence so bizarre, no one knew what was happening.

The Marlins would tack on another run after being gifted the extra out after a couple wild pitches from Godley, with the second coming after a strikeout that should’ve ended the inning. Understandably, the Brewers were furious at the call and while it may not be the deciding factor in the game — Miami opened up a 5-2 lead in the fourth inning — if this game does come down to a run that call will certainly be an even bigger deal.