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Busted Coverage put together its own scouting report for NFL wide receiver prospect Brian Hartline. And it looks like he did more at Ohio State than never get open; below is Hartline in his natural habitat with his reported fiance’, Lindsey. Lindsey apparently works in law enforcement, which could make for a tenuous relationship with a football player in Columbus. But at the same time, a good set of handcuffs would never be out of reach. You know, for restraining potential perps.

Here’s the book on Hartline, since we couldn’t find a landscape shot and therefore clamoring for filler, from, whatever that is:’s Peter King sure heard good things about Hartline, calling him a second- or third-round choice based on his latest workouts. Hartline isn’t a blazer, but his numbers in the agility drills show he has the quickness to work in the middle of the field as a slot guy in the NFL, and he has enough size to hold up in there.

Oh, by the way, Hartline caught 21 balls last year. Twenty-freaking one and they’re saying he’ll be a first-day pick. For those counting, that only 19 more than Lindsey caught last season. With her face.

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