12.02.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

This makes me so goddamned mad that I could just spit. An report says that Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Brian Kelly will be packing his bags and heading to South Bend.

The source, who is a well-informed person of influence at Notre Dame, says the Cincinnati coach is the preferred choice for the job, and that he is expected to eventually sign a deal.

Kelly is expected to see out the season with his [BCS-bound] team, and then report for duty at South Bend.

As a Cincinnati-area native, this is almost heartbreaking. I know, I know, who’s a douchebag with two thumbs…save it. The Bearcats used to be so bad that if you wanted basketball tickets, they made you buy football tickets. And the team–who will finish the regular season if they beat Pittsburgh this weekend–was poised for perennial kickassedness. And now this.

But know this. The rest of the college football world needs to watch out, because this prick can win anywhere. This is the beginning of the end for Notre Dame suckitude, soon to be followed by the end of a new beginning. And then there’s probably a middle portion in there someplace.

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