Brian Scalabrine Spits Hot Fire, Son

Senior Writer
06.25.10 2 Comments

Brian Scalabrine could only sit and watch helplessly as his Boston Celtics lost in seven games to the Los Angeles Lakers. The reserve forward was relegated to street clothes throughout most of the playoffs, but that’s more than fitting because his new talent is just plain street. Turns out the 6-foot-9 can lay down the beat, the legit flava, droppin’ hot rhymes like Travis Henry drops dimes.

A regular guest on the Boston CBS affiliate’s The Toucher and Rich Show, Scalabrine stopped by recently to play a game of Name That Tune: Rap Edition with callers. Summoning his alter ego Scal-nilla Ice, the towering redhead laid down his own versions of Baby Got Back, Rapper’s Delight, Up in Here, and F*ck the Police. This marked the first time in Boston radio history that four consecutive rap songs were played and three of them weren’t House of Pain.

Click here to listen to Scal-nilla Ice change the entire rap game forever.

Scalabrine is a fan favorite on the local morning show, as he appears on occasion to discuss pertinent Celtics news, and hot button issues in general. I honestly didn’t expect to laugh, but the combination of his Barry White voice and lines like “I have red hair” and “Don’t ask me for a Happy Meal” is pretty lethal comedy. Scalabrine’s previous experience in comedy includes playing basketball.

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