Brian Wilson Does The Greatest Interviews

10.26.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

You might want to grab a handrail, as we’re about to drop our second straight baseball post…sort of. This is San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, and magic happens every time somebody decides to interview him, and it’s usually a sort of Bondage-Sadomasochism. Hey, anything for the kids.

After the jump is an interview Wilson did with Chris Rose about two weeks months ago (Hey, it’s new to me), and the fun starts at the 0:40 mark. Rose’s reaction is almost as good as the actual event; it’s one of shock, horror and amusement, almost all happening at the same time. If you remember Wilson’s appearance on “Rome Is Burning,” you might recognize the individual in question as “The Machine.” And any more information from this point will just ruin it.

And here’s Wilson on Rome from almost two months ago.

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