A Taekwondo Champ Smashed His Head Through 111 Bricks For An Unofficial World Record

Entertainment Editor

Sometimes your job makes you want to smash your head into a pile of bricks, sometimes your job is to smash your head into a pile of bricks. Sometimes, people do their job so well, they set an unofficial world record by using only their head to bust through 111 bricks. That’s what 16-year-old taekwondo champ Kerim Ahmetspahic did this last weekend, and he doesn’t have a lifetime of stresses on his shoulders. He did this completely out of an urge to compete.

The black belt in taekwondo seemingly has no care in the world for CTE, or any type of brain damage that may result from this impressive feat, but sometimes you have to crack a few skulls if you want to break enough bricks in 35 seconds to set a world record. That’s what my grandpappy always used to tell me.

There’s actually a whole subculture dedicated to breaking a lot of things quickly. The previous brick head smash record was set at 100 in a minute in 2015, while there’s actually a man out there who broke over two thousand boards with his hands over 53 minutes. Had he not run out of boards, he would’ve kept going. Imagine that — breaking things non-stop for an hour because you were compelled to for the sake of eternal glory in a record book.

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