Bring Your Own Big Wheel Happened

If it’s not obvious by now, I’m quite fond of the more ridiculous “sports” and games that don’t quite count as professional, or even amateur… hell, sometimes they’re not even sports. Regardless, I’m a sucker for goofball competitive events, and those lovable hippies and hipsters in San Francisco hosted the 5th* annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel event, which included safe Easter** fun for the kids and adults alike. The event required participants to, obviously, bring their own Big Wheels. It’s not rocket science.
After the race, the hippies even got to take part in two of their favorite pastimes – cleaning up and helping people (all working Big Wheels were donated to the local fire department to be distributed to children). It was a win-win-win event apparently. It was also an inspiration for my new annual charity event, Bring Your Own Pogo Ball, which will benefit my love for watching large-breasted women bounce.

*It may be older, I only saw as far back as 2006.
** Or spring if you’re a crybaby.

Video of all the delightful wipeouts and a gallery of the whacky participants after the jump…

I expected the video to be a bit scarier, what with all the Asian women in San Francisco.
Video via Buzzfeed.
Photos via Bhautik Joshi’s very entertaining Flickr.