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In the vain attempt to make chick fights a regular feature here at With Leather, I searched throughout the farthest reaches of the Earth (or YouTube) to find the greatest female athletes willing to throw down. This is, in my view, a presentation of a variety of fighting styles, a diverse stable of athletes, and a five-gallon bucket filled with what. the. fuck. These…are your Friday Night Chick Fights.

First Undercard: Ms. South America Bikini Brawl


We can see that the tournament staff is ready to get underway when, from out of nowhere, Ms. Brazil (yellow) lunges at the chest of Ms. Suriname. Whatever, sister! I guess it's Uraguay or the highway! And then foreign objects are brought into play, and this whole melee just fades into Bolivia.

Second Undercard: Courtney Dawes (1-0) vs. Paulette Morris (0-0)

Both of these athletes employ an early windmill offensive, and we're at a brief stalemate until Morris (cami, white pants) misses with the headlock takedown, but manages her excellent ground game to stay out of trouble and work back to her feet. Both competitors try to work the shirt over the face, but then Morris manages to bulldoze Dawes (dark pants) headfirst into a utility box for a convincing KO. The enthusiasm of the crowd is contagious. These are great fight fans.

Main Event: Two out of Three Falls

Sun Cho (16-5) vs. Suk Mi (3-6) [damn near NSFW]

Cho (red and white top) shows off an impressive takedown and head scissors as she works for the tapout and a convincing first fall. But she does so while expending a lot of energy. Will she have enough juice in the lingerie round? Sure enough, Mi (pink panties) works out of a catastrophic situation and takes the offensive, but can't outwit the experienced Cho (yellow panties), who throws Mi to her back and scores the ceremonial slap across the face for the second fall.

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