07.25.07 11 years ago 21 Comments

James Oyebola (editor's note: Ebola? Oy!), a former boxer who was the British heavyweight champion from 1994-96, is in critical condition after being shot in the face at the club where he worked as a boxer bouncer.

Oyebola was shot in the early hours of Monday morning after asking three men to stop smoking inside the club in London's Fulham district… Britain introduced a ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces on July 1.

I guess some people aren't handling the smoking ban very well.  Listen, I'm not happy about the laws that tell me I can't masturbate in public, but that doesn't give me the right to shoot people when they tell me to stop masturbating in public.  Actually, more often they're all, "Oh my God" and they look away.  Probably because they've never seen such a fearsome, awe-inspiring sight.  Or maybe they think my trench coat is out of style.

Anyway, the lesson is that smoking is bad.  It causes cancer and harms other people.  Especially if you shoot other people while you do it.

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