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I’m getting sick of my PlayStation 2, but I haven’t been able to choose between getting a Wii or an Xbox 360. But now I think I’m going with the 360 since the Wii seems to have a prediliction toward KILLING WHITE PEOPLE!

Labourer Tim Eves had been jogging on the spot as he used the machine in his home.[…]

The tragedy happened the day he got home to Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, after visiting parents Alan and June in Portugal to celebrate his mum’s 50th birthday. It is believed he might have been a victim of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

June said: “We spoke to him on the phone when he was playing the Wii. He told us he had just ordered himself a kebab and was sitting there with a glass of port. A little while after he collapsed.”

Actually, I might be leaning toward the Wii now. I know most games span across all platforms now, but I’ve looked online and I can’t find Sudden Adult Death Syndrome for 360 anyplace. I bet it’s just like Call of Duty, but with more kebobs. Cheerio!

|The Sun|

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