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It’s kinda fascinating that former pro and amateur wrestling champion Brock Lesnar is a favorite in his rematch with Frank Mir at UFC 100 tomorrow night, especially since Mir beat Lesnar with a sneaky kneebar last February at UFC 81. But Brock feels less like the popular choice to win in the main event and more like a guy that’s been slighted by Mir, referee Steve Mazzagatti, the UFC film crew, the Care Bears, and whoever else you can think of. But that door totally had it coming. I could hear it laughing at Lesnar’s eyebrows. What do you tweeze with, dude? A propane torch?

I almost hate to say that I want to see Lesnar win. He would be a solid draw for MMA and a bankable star that corporate types might have an easier time identifying in the white-guy labyrinth of today’s UFC. Any sport needs stars, and if Lesnar loses again, the UFC would lose in box office appeal as much as it would gain by showing that former pro wrestlers have a too steep a hill to climb in the octagon.

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