‘White Boy’ Brock Lesnar Had A Message Of Unity For All Nationalities After His UFC 200 Victory

After his hard fought win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200, an emotional Brock Lesnar gave his support to the police forces of America and made a plea for unity across the country.

“America! Shoutout to the men in uniform that protect and serve this country!” Lesnar yelled during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. “From sea to shining sea. From one white boy to all nationalities, we’ve got to stand together, people!”

The comments were clearly a reference to the recent tragedy in Dallas, Texas where five officers were killed by Micah Xavier Johnson in the deadliest attack on our country’s police forces since 9/11.

Lesnar won his fight against the heavy hitting Hunt by unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the fight 29-27. That means one round was so decisive for Lesnar that it earned him a 10-8 score as opposed to the standard 10-9. Afterwards, Brock seemed in good spirits at his own post-event press conference. While he refused to commit to more fights in the UFC, he did speculate on how he’d do against other UFC heavyweights and if he could win the heavyweight belt again.

“I believe any man can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it,” Lesnar told Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports. “I was out of this game for five years and I stepped back into the cage and trained for six weeks and I think I put a good beating on Mark Hunt tonight. I think anything is possible, ain’t it?”

Hopefully Lesnar’s call for unity following the events in Dallas are also possible. To show how the world is indeed more about unity than divisiveness, here’s 10 minutes of people hugging Dallas police officers.