The Bromances Were In Full Bloom At The NCAA Championship Game In Dallas

Last night’s NCAA Championship Game was hardly just about a bunch of kids who busted their asses all season and bested a tournament of incredibly talented teams to claim the men’s basketball national title and cement their places in sports history. Far more important than the actual game on the court in the middle of Dallas’s massive AT&T Stadium were the many celebrities in attendance, from former world leaders to local sports icons, and all of the wealthy ambassadors of SWAG in between. It all started with two true men of the people, Johnny Manziel and Drake, who took their bromance to the floor so they could celebrate their friendship as their fans worshipped and cheered them on.

Normally, I loathe the word bromance as much as other awful words like smegma and Belieber, but it’s impossible to ignore the special bond that these two men have. One a rapper at the top of his game, constantly trying to get us to understand that he’s the best rapper in the world by telling us that he’s the best rapper in the world, and the other a potential No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft who believes that he’s among the greatest college QBs of all-time. Both of them love to hit the clubs and pop bottles with all the fly honeys, as they were truly meant to be the ultimate BFFs of the YOLO generation.

But Drake and Johnny Football were hardly the only best bros in attendance. Sitting high above the lowly peons with their modest incomes and haircuts that cost less than $100 were former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Flanking them were arguably the most powerful people in the world, or at least Dallas, including Tony Romo, Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Jason Witten, Demarco Murray, and the most powerful man on the face of the planet, Papa John Schnatter. He’s so powerful that people didn’t even bother including him in the photo out of fear.

Although, not all bromantic entanglements are as strong as, say, Johnny Football and Drake. Even Billy C-Note and G-Dubs eventually tired of each other’s companionship last night.

Poor guys. I really thought they were going to go the distance. I also thought Kentucky would go the distance, too, but I guess I just don’t know anything anymore.