The Nets PR Department Is Good At Twitter

Editorial Director
02.20.13 2 Comments

I can only imagine the life and times of Pro Sports PR Guy (and/or Gal). Scoring that gig must have felt like such a coup right out of college when all your buddies were applying for barista internships and moving back into their parents’ house. But then days and weeks and months of researching and tweeting boring stat after trivial stat after useless stat goes by and it dawns on you that this is your job and that living over the garage is still technically living in your parents’ house.

So after a big win where Joe Johnson inexplicably flips a clutch switch that had been Gorilla Glue’d off in Atlanta and Nets fans are busy bleeping each other’s bleeps in the social sphere, you decide to have a little fun with things.

And this, folks, is how the greatest pro sports PR tweet in the history of pro sports PR tweets comes into existence. Fancy embed after the jump in case you want to favorite it for eternity.


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