12.04.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

Florida International is having a tough season for sports. First there was the epic brawl with Miami (which brought us blogosphere giant Ned, of course). More recently, the basketball team had a series of flights delayed by bad weather that culminated in their luggage getting lost. They played their game against Wisconsin in uniforms and shoes that the hosts provided them.

That's a generous bit of sportsmanship, but take it from me: this is not a good tactic when you go out on a date. I showed up to a woman's house without any pants, and let's just say it didn't go too well. "C'mon, can't I just get in yours?" No sense of humor, those women. I never should have registered as a sex offender.

FIU coach Sergio Rouco kept it in perspective after the game (which FIU lost): 

"I have a bunch of kids from different countries that come from hard situations… Being at an airport 18 hours, for them is not a hard situation. So let's not make it dramatic. Dramatic is when you don't have any money to eat."

Somehow I don't think the players got much sympathy after the game. 

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