The Browns Lost Another Overtime Game On A 59-Yard Bucs Field Goal

10.21.18 5 months ago 2 Comments


For the fourth time this season, the Cleveland Browns found themselves unable to have their game decided in regulation and, thus, headed to an overtime period. For the third time, the Browns failed to pull a winning result out of that extra 10-minute period, pushing their record to 1-2-1 in overtime games this season.

Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay against the Bucs was a perfect encapsulation of the Browns season thus far. Cleveland put the first points on the board by way of a safety, but quickly fell behind 16-2 as the offense had a grand total of 54 yards in the first half, despite the defense forcing two turnovers and the aforementioned safety.

Like so many other times this season, the Browns reeled fans back in with some feisty second half play, ultimately tying the game at 23-23 late in the fourth quarter, while also making just enough mistakes to keep them from actually taking a lead despite the Bucs’ best efforts to hand them the game. For example, Baker Mayfield made some spectacular plays, including the game-tying touchdown pass, but he also fumbled the ball after picking up a first down on 4th and 2 inside the red zone, in which the ball bounced backwards and out of bounds a half yard shy of the sticks, and failed to get a 4th-and-goal from the 1.

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