Browns Safety Ronnie Harrison Got Ejected In The First Quarter For Shoving A Chiefs Coach

One of the biggest areas of focus for the Cleveland Browns this offseason was in their secondary, as they drafted corner Greg Newsome in the first round of the NFL Draft and traded a fifth round pick to the Jaguars for safety Ronnie Harrison.

The biggest reason why the Browns went out to bolster their secondary was the idea that they’ll have to go through the Kansas City Chiefs at some point in the playoffs if they are to make it to a Super Bowl out of the AFC, and in Week 1 they had a showdown with the Chiefs in KC as a chance to measure up with the back-to-back AFC champs. After marching to a touchdown (and a two-point conversion) on their opening drive, the Browns defense tried to get a stop against Patrick Mahomes and company to put their new-look secondary to the test.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, they only made it a few plays in before Harrison got tossed after an altercation on the Kansas City sideline in which he gave a strong shove to a Chiefs coach after being pushed off of a KC player.

It is not what Cleveland wanted to see, and there were offsetting penalties on the bench and Harrison but the big news was the ejection that left the Browns secondary down their starting safety. Cleveland was able to hold the Chiefs to a field goal later in the drive, but it’s certainly going to make life more difficult for the remainder of the game. As for Harrison, it’s understandable why he wasn’t pleased with being pushed but shoving a coach is almost always going to get you tossed and he had to recognize that before retaliating.